B M Zvonov

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Sonographic analysis of conspecific advertisement calls of yellow-breasted bunting (Emberiza aureola) was carried out. Calls of nine individuals living in the same range were compared. Particular elements responsible for individual differences were recognized in the calls. At the same time, the elements defining conspecific characters were recognized in all(More)
Acoustic analysis of the species-specific call of common rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus was carried out. We compared calls of 12 individuals from the same habitat. The individual-specific elements were revealed in the calls. At the same time, species-specific elements were also recognized in all individuals. These elements compose the acoustic image of(More)
We analyzed the mechanism of alarm call generation in various bird species, species-specific calls in closely related species, and intraspecific differences in calls. Production of these signals proved to rely on common mechanism: variation of temporal indices within the frequency range limited by morphological structures of the vocal apparatus. These(More)
A model for processing of acoustic information in neuron networks has been proposed. The model takes into account the final rate of transfer of electric signal along the nerve fibers. The model indicates a possibility for the existence of a mechanism of compression of the input wide frequency band signal that retains its energetic parameters (in a certain(More)
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