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A series of polybenzamide DNA minor groove binding ligands bearing either one or two monofunctional mustards have been synthesised, and their cytotoxicities and interactions with DNA have been studied. Analogues with two alkylating functions (e.g. compounds 7 and 14) are the most cytotoxic, with 7 being 1000-fold more potent than the clinical mustard(More)
Nitrogen mustards play an important role in current cancer chemotherapy. The most effective antitumour agents are those carrying two alkylating functions, probably through their ability to form interstrand cross-links in DNA. Such lesions appear to create more of a block in DNA replication and are more difficult to repair than are most monoadducts. Although(More)
A method utilizing small disposable C18 bonded-phase columns has been developed to separate retinol and retinyl palmitate mixtures into their individual components in high yield and purity. Up to ten mixtures can be processed in 1 hr and the columns are reusable after suitable washing. Although the method was developed with standard retinoid mixtures, it(More)
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