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Introduction: The return of samples from the South Pole–Aitken (SPA) basin and other regions of of the Moon is a high priority target for the Canadian, U.S., and international scientific communities [1]. In order to prepare and test protocols for future lunar sample return missions, our team is carrying out three " analogue " missions, funded by the(More)
Introduction: A Canadian Space Agency (CSA) funded lunar analogue mission has provided an opportunity to perform science in a simulated robotic precursor mission at the Mistastin Lake impact structure (55°53'N; 63°18'W) in Labrador, Canada (see [1] for overview). The Mistastin Lake impact structure is an exceptional lunar analogue. Excellent exposure(More)
Heritage awareness is a crucial part of any heritage conservation and management. The creation of awareness is time-consuming and it requires commitment and local support. It is often the most recognizable component of a heritage management. One of the most effective ways to build and maintain respect for community's heritage is through a selection of(More)
Reinvigoration of urban heart is an increasingly important for planning of large cities. Cities work better when they are diverse and livable, with a mix of land uses, high population densities and lively streets with magnificent urban built form, architectural buildings and urban design elements. Therefore, it is necessary to conserve the central area for(More)
Old-Goa has been declared as a World Heritage site in 1986 for its rich culture, built heritage and includes many magnificent churches, monuments and temples. Most of these churches are world famous and constructed way back in the 16 th century and are the best examples of Manueline and Gothic architecture. These churches have very intricate detailing and(More)
Large cities have experienced rapid spatial growth because of higher growth rates of urban population. Land is an important resource for spatial expansion and accommodating various activities within the residential areas of the city. Therefore, there is an increase in land use change in residential areas by the local and planning authorities and they are(More)
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