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Hot deformed magnets can be commercially produced from hyper-stoichiometric nanocrystalline Nd-Fe-B compositions. This paper summarizes the influence of the rare-earth component (Nd, Pr, Dy) and gallium to magnetic properties and hot workability of die-upset magnets based upon hyper-stoichiometric compositions. Increasing the Nd from 13.3 to 14.4 at.%(More)
The behavior of Nb atoms in Nd/sub 12/Fe/sub 82-x/B/sub 6/Nb/sub x/ (x=0 to 3) nanocrystalline alloys has been investigated by using atom probe tomography (APT) technique on near-atomic scale in the present paper. Three-dimensional atom probe (3DAP) analyses on the Nb substituted alloys clearly reveal that Nb atoms are enriched at grain boundaries with a(More)
Heat treated melt-spun ribbons of (Nd La) Fe Co Nb B have been studied systematically by supercon-ducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometry, conventional transmission electron microscopy (CTEM) and Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (LTEM). The sample's microstructure grew from an amorphous state through a partially crystallized state(More)
The magnetic anisotropy phase diagrams of Pr2Co17-,Fen and Pr2Co17-,Fez-,Ty (T=Mn, Zr, Ti, Hf) compounds have been determined. Two spin reorientation temperatures, TSr1 and Tsr2, have been observed. Near the Ts,l or Ts,2 boundary the anisotropy is conical; between the two spin reorientation temperatures they exhibit uniaxial anisotropy and beyond these(More)
It is well known that NdZFelbB exhibits a spin reorientation at about Such a spin reorientation manifests as a kink in the hysteresis 140 K. loop for imperfectly aligned NdFeB magnets. before and after spin flipping, with a reverse applied field, can be used to identify the texture and provide information on the degree of misalignment. In this work, we(More)
In this paper explained the new group of potential permanent magnetic materials with nominal composition of Sm(Co/sub BAL/Fe/sub 1-X/Zr/sub 0.05/Cu/sub 0.08/Ga/sub Y/B/sub Z/)/sub 12/ have been synthesized and characterized in this study. Structure, phase formation, and magnetic properties were presented. The effect of different magnetic element additions(More)
In this paper, nanocrystalline alloys with Nd content near 10 at % are investigated, and their magnetic properties and microstructure are examined to obtain better understanding of the effect of Nb addition on microstructure control in the nanocrystalline magnets.
Cast alloys and melt-spun ribbons with nominal compositions of Sm(Co/sub bal/Fe/sub 0.31/Zr/sub 0.05/Cu/sub 0.04/B/sub x/)/sub z/ (x=0.02-0.04,z=7.5-12) have been synthesized and characterized in a temperature range of 10-1273 K and at fields up to 5T. The main phase in the as-cast alloys exhibited a Th/sub 2/Ni/sub 17/ type structure, with a strong(More)