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The distribution of ABO blood groups and rhesus factor was studied in patients with myasthenia as compared with the control. There was a statistically significant association of the diseases with the rhesus-negative phenotype and that of generalized myasthenia concurrent with thymoma with the B (III) blood group. The examination revealed no other(More)
  • B. M. Gekht
  • Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 2004
Copper content was determined spectrographi cally in various portions of the brain in 10 healthy patients who died accidentally, in the brain of a patient with hepatolenticular degeneration, as well as in various tumors of the brain and areas of the nervous system not affected by neoplasms. The greatest copper content was noted in the globus pallidus,(More)
The density of muscle fibers in a motor unit (MU) was studied electromyographically with the aid of a microelectrode. Muscle biopsy specimens withdrawn from patients with different neuromuscular diseases were subjected to morphological and histochemical studies. During denervation-reinnervation processes, the motoneuron actively reconstitutes the structure(More)
Magnetic stimulation of the cerebral cortex and roots CVI--CVII and LII--LIV was performed in 19 healthy subjects, 45 multiple sclerosis (MS), 21 lateral amyotrophic sclerosis and 24 demyelinating polyneuropathy patients. M-response of m. abductor digiti min (AdV) and m. tibialis ant. (TA) was registered. The difference of M-response latent time induced by(More)
The conditions of postganglionic fibers and parasympathetic fibers of vagus nerve were studied in 102 patients with varioustypes of polyneuritis and in 43 healthy individuals. In the control group the amplitude of evoked cutaneous sympathetic potential (ECSP) on the hand was 330 +/- 102 microV with 1.42 +/- 0.12 s latency, on the foot 230 +/- 81.7 microV(More)