B. M. Chaudhari

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Wireless network is a growing technology that facilitates users for sharing of information instantly through wireless electronic devices irrespective of their locations. It can be infrastructure based or infrastructure less (ad hoc networks). An ad hoc network gains more attention because of its convenience, mobility, scalability, cost and easy setup. It is(More)
Wireless computing has evolved tremendously and is being used almost everywhere these days. With the obvious advantage of mobility and easy installation, it also provides service comparable to its wired counterpart. Wireless LANs are implemented in colleges,offices,campuses, and are fast growing. But security in a wireless environment is paramount, and it(More)
This paper presents a method of recognition of signatures by Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Networks and analyses the effect of moment invariants on signature recognition by comparing the accuracy of recognition. In addition, database is also tested by fuzzy min-max neural networks for recognition of signatures resulting more accurate results. Image processing and(More)
Multi Valued Logic [MVL] is emerging as a promising choice for future computing technology. MVL has seen major advancement in the recent past due to several advantages offered by them over the binary logic, thus making it a thrust area for further research. The instruction set of the processor is its inherent entity. This paper presents design and(More)
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