B. Lydia Elizabeth

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Trust is multi-faceted, even in the same context. Nodes need to develop differentiated trust in different aspects of other nodes' behaviours. The node's needs vary with situation. Thus we have introduced a service based scheme for computation of trust which takes into consideration the security requirement of a node as criteria for choosing the appropriate(More)
Transmission of datagrams to a group of hosts identified by a single destination address is Multicasting. Multicast is intended for group-oriented computing applications such as rescue teams, scientists with sharing of data and requirements for audio and video conferencing. All the multicast group members should have a group key to decrypt the datagram sent(More)
Formulating and evaluating trust is important for ensuring security and collaboration among the nodes in MANETs. The dynamic nature of mobile ad hoc networks may contribute to uncertainty in trust opinions. Uncertainty in trust opinions reflects the sufficiency of trust information obtained by a trustor node so that it can accurately compute the trust(More)
Cloud computing has changed the nature of IT and business. However the adoption issues for the cloud is mainly due to the lack of transparency and control. Also, there are too many cloud service providers in the marketplace offering similar functionalities. In order to support the consumers in identifying trustful cloud providers, Trustworthy mechanisms for(More)
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