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Crowded solutions of multiarm star polymers, representing model colloidal spheres with ultrasoft repulsive interactions, undergo a reversible gelation transition upon heating in solvents of intermediate quality (between good and Theta). This unusual phenomenon is due to the kinetic arrest of the swollen interpenetrating spheres at high temperatures, forming(More)
Clear solutions for colloidal Silicalite-1 synthesis were prepared by reacting tetraethylorthosilicate in aqueous tetrapropylammonium hydroxide solution. A dilution series with water resulting in clear solutions with a TEOS ratio TPAOH ratio H2O molar ratio of 25 : 9 : 152 up to 25 : 9 : 15,000 was analysed using liquid 29Si nuclear magnetic resonance(More)
We monitor the adsorption of Rhodamine 800, and the sedimentation of a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) suspension at the surface of a fused-silica prism, by measuring both the absorption and s-p phase shift Δ of a 740 nm probe laser beam, using evanescent-wave cavity ringdown ellipsometry (EW-CRDE). The two systems demonstrate the complementary strengths of(More)
We form films of carboxylated polystyrene particles (C-PS) at the air-water interface and investigate the effect of subphase pH on their structure and rheology by using a suite of complementary experimental techniques. Our results suggest that electrostatic interactions drive the stability and the structural order of the films. In particular, we show that(More)
Detecting and quantifying chirality is important in fields ranging from analytical and biological chemistry to pharmacology and fundamental physics: it can aid drug design and synthesis, contribute to protein structure determination, and help detect parity violation of the weak force. Recent developments employ microwaves, femtosecond pulses, superchiral(More)
We present the theory and experimental details for chiral-cavity-ring-down polarimetry and magnetometry, based on ring cavities supporting counterpropagating laser beams. The optical-rotation symmetry is broken by the presence of both chiral and Faraday birefringence, giving rise to signal reversals which allow rapid background subtractions. We present the(More)
In an effort to control particle diffusion near surfaces, we have studied the dynamics of colloidal hard spheres and soft compliant star copolymers on surfaces coated with polymer brushes using evanescent wave dynamic light scattering. The same experiments provide information on the brush structure and confined particle motion. The penetration into dense(More)
The diffusion of dilute colloids in contact with swollen polymer brushes has been studied by evanescent wave dynamic light scattering. Two polystyrene nanogels with 16 nm and 42 nm radius were put into contact with three polystyrene brushes with varying grafting densities. Partial penetration of the nanogels within the brushes was revealed by the evanescent(More)
We introduce the new technique of evanescent-wave cavity ring-down ellipsometry (EW-CRDE), used for the measurement of ellipsometric angles of samples at a solid-gas or solid-liquid interface, and achieve phase-shift measurements with precision of ∼0.01°. We demonstrate the technique by measuring the time-dependent refractive index of methanol-water(More)
We demonstrate the reversible optical recording of holographic gratings in nonabsorbing solutions of common homopolymers. These phase gratings exhibit first-order diffraction efficiencies in excess of 50%. They are associated with the spatial modulation of the concentration of the polymer solute initiated, but not solely caused, by radiation forces.