B. Leticia Rodriguez

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The initial edition of this book was published in 1974, as one of the first textbooks that tried to teach modern biochemistry with a clinical perspective. The recently revised fifth edition continues to be one of the few textbooks in biochemistry that focuses primarily on clinical aspects of biochemistry and thus remains a useful book for health science(More)
335 tional management. In addition, it mentions some of the extra-intestinal manifestations of IBD and therapy for them. Both historians and scientists campaign under the banner of objectivity in the academic search for truths. Their paths seldom cross-historians look back, scientists look in-but, in recent years, historians of science have begun to make(More)
Vibrio cholerae 638 (El Tor, Ogawa), a new CTXPhi-negative hemagglutinin/protease-defective strain that is a cholera vaccine candidate, was examined for safety and immunogenicity in healthy adult volunteers. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, no significant adverse reactions were observed in volunteers ingesting strain 638. Four volunteers of 42(More)
In this study, we analyzed whether attachment of Vibrio cholerae vaccine strains to human intestinal epithelial cells can induce an interleukin-8 (IL-8) response. The IL-8 transcripts were detected by PCR amplification of reverse-transcribed mRNA, and the gene product secretion was measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Infection of monolayers of(More)
In recent clinical assays, our cholera vaccine candidate strain, Vibrio cholerae 638 El Tor Ogawa, was well tolerated and immunogenic in Cuban volunteers. In this work we describe the construction of 638T, a thymidine auxotrophic version of improved environmental biosafety. In so doing, the thyA gene from V. cholerae was cloned, sequenced, mutated in vitro,(More)
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) catalyses the initial fixation of atmospheric CO2 into oxaloacetate and subsequently malate. Nocturnal accumulation of malic acid within the vacuole of photosynthetic cells is a typical feature of plants that perform crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM). PEPC is a ubiquitous plant enzyme encoded by a small gene family,(More)
193 lectures and serve to make this volume something more than four unconnected lectures on assorted topics in neuroscience. Volume 4 in Fidia's series of neuroscience award lectures again honors four leading researchers in the tradition of pioneering Italian neuroscientists. As in Volume 3, the grouping of lectures in this volume is somewhat uneven,(More)
also present new data or material. I found almost all of the papers rewarding, and several outstanding. Summaries of the mechanism of glucocorticoid action by Mendel and by Pratt complemented one another and produced an especially coherent, understandable picture. As a clinician, I found the epidemiological work reported by McCarty and DeSombre's report of(More)
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