B. Lemaire

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Excessive physical exercise overproduces reactive oxygen species. Even if elite sportsmen increase their antioxidant status by regular physical training, during the competition period, this improvement is not sufficient to limit free radical production which could be detrimental to the body. The aim of this randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, and(More)
Reading on a web page is known to be not linear and people need to make fast decisions about whether they have to stop or not reading. In such context, reading, and decision-making processes are intertwined and this experiment attempts to separate them through electrophysiological patterns provided by the Eye-Fixation-Related Potentials technique (EFRPs).(More)
BACKGROUND Environmental factors impact the skin aging resulting in decrease of skin radiance. Nutrition and particularly antioxidants could help to fight against skin degradation. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of an oral supplement rich in specific antioxidants, SkinAx(2TM), on the improvement of the skin radiance in women.(More)
L'une des tâches prédominantes sur le Web est de chercher des informations. Dans cetté etude, nous présentons un modèle informatique qui simule le parcours du regard d'un utilisateur qui recherche une information sur des pages Web. Les mouvements oculaires sont guidés par le besoin d'information, par les caractéristiques visuelles des stimuli et par ce qui(More)
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