B. Latha Shankar

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Keywords: Four-echelon supply chain architecture Evolutionary approach Non-dominated sorting algorithm MOHPSO Swarm intelligence a b s t r a c t This paper aims at multi-objective optimization of single-product for four-echelon supply chain architecture consisting of suppliers, production plants, distribution centers (DCs) and customer zones (CZs). The key(More)
In today's globalization, the success of an industry is dependent on cost effective supply chain management under various markets, logistics and production uncertainties. Uncertainties in the supply chain usually decrease profit, i.e. increase total supply chain cost. Demand uncertainty and constraints posed by the every echelon are important factors to be(More)
This paper considers simultaneous optimization of strategic design and distribution decisions for three-echelon supply chain architecture consisting of following three players; suppliers, production plants, and distribution centers (DCs). The key design decisions considered are: the number and location of plants in the system, the flow of raw materials from(More)
Effective and efficient test data generation is one of the major challenging and time-consuming tasks within the software testing process. Researchers have proposed different methods to generate test data automatically; however, those methods suffer from different drawbacks. In this paper we present a genetic algorithm-based approach that tries to generate(More)
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