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Suicidology finds itself confused and stagnated for lack of a standard nomenclature. This paper proposes a nomenclature for suicide-related behavior in the hope of improving the clarity and precision of communications, advancing suicidological research and knowledge, and improving the efficacy of clinical interventions.
Between 1971 and 1985, sex-specific suicide rates in Canada have diverged, with male rates increasing and female rates decreasing. Using linear regression techniques, we examined changes in sex- and method-specific rates and their association with changes in overall sex-specific rates. 92% of the variability in the overall female rates was explained by the(More)
The present study analysed changes in sex-specific suicide rates in Canada from 1971 to 1985. A significant increase in the male-to-female ratio of suicide rates was observed. Our analysis of sex-specific age-adjusted rates revealed that this increasing ratio was a function of both increasing male rates and decreasing female rates, but that the latter was(More)
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