B. L. Lempert

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A-weighted equivalent continuous noise levels for hammer and press operations in a drop-forging industry were determined using both tape recordings of the noise and personal noise dosimeters. The results indicated average A-weighted Leq values of 108 dB for hammer operators and 99 dB for press operators. Comparison of hearing level statistics for 716 hammer(More)
NIOSH conducted field investigations in 1977 and 1981 to determine the actual noise reduction afforded to industrial workers who used insert-type hearing protectors (earplugs) daily. In-situ attenuation tests of 420 workers at 15 industrial plants were conducted to determine the noise reduction provided by earplugs as they were worn during the workday. The(More)
The level of antibodies and delayed-type hypersensitivity to the group specific polysaccharides and cell wall proteins of groups A, B, C and G streptococci was determined in 247 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as well as in healthy persons and in patients with other articular disorders by means of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, passive(More)
After a single exposure to s t r e s s (tying down abdomen uppermost for 1 h) the response of an increase in the total unconjugated l l hyd roxyco r t i cos t e ro id s in the per ipheral blood observed in intact animals was inhibited in rats with toxic hepatitis. This inhibition was evidently due to an increase in the initial level of l l -hydroxycor t i(More)
Lowering of the l ipolytie act ivi ty of the aor t ic wall in r a t s resu l t ing f rom a s ta te of s t r e s s [2] leads to the accumula t ion of Dl ipoprote ins in the aor t ic wail and to the development of l ipoidosis [3, 4]. It m a y be supposed that lowering of l ipolyt ic act ivi ty of the ve s se l wall plays an impor tan t ro le in the(More)