B. L. K. Davey

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An expert system for the automated detection of spikes and sharp waves in the EEG has been developed. The system consists of two distinct stages. The first is a feature extractor, written in the conventional procedural language Fortran, which uses parts of previously published spike-detection, algorithms to produce a list of all spike-like occurrences in(More)
The low-frequency resistances of the respiratory system, lung, and chest wall were investigated in four anesthetized paralyzed dogs mechanically ventilated at various frequencies between 0.08 and 0.83 Hz. The resistances were calculated by three different methods: 1) as the real part of the complex impedance obtained from regular ventilation data, 2) as the(More)
We developed a technique for applying forced oscillations in flow between 5 and 200 Hz to the lung through an alveolar capsule. This provided measures of the complex alveolar input impedance of the lung, which we modelled in terms of an elastic alveolar unit connected to the rest of the lung by a peripheral airway. The estimated elastance of the alveolar(More)
In a previous paper (27) we developed a lumped parameter model of canine pulmonary airway mechanics featuring airway wall elasticity, gas inertance, and laminar and turbulent gas flow. The model accurately accounted for the steadystate pressure-flow data we obtained during sinusoidal cycling of the lung following a period of apnea. In the present paper, we(More)