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Experimental and human epidemiologic data suggest a protective role for vitamin D in large bowel cancer. To investigate this association, we conducted a nested case-control study within a Finnish clinical trial cohort. Cases (n = 146) were participants diagnosed with primary adenocarcinoma of the large bowel. Controls were matched (2:1) to cases on age,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether Caucasian women ages 28-48 years with newly defined osteoarthritis (OA) would have greater bone mineral density (BMD) and less bone turnover over time than would women without OA. METHODS Data were derived from the longitudinal Michigan Bone Health Study. Period prevalence and 3-year incidence of OA were based on radiographs(More)
This paper presents a new multi-depot combined vehicle and crew scheduling algorithm, and uses it, in conjunction with a heuristic vehicle routing algorithm, to solve the intra-city mail distribution problem faced by Australia Post. First we describe the Australia Post mail distribution problem and outline the heuristic vehicle routing algorithm used to(More)
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