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As the number of runners has increased dramatically, so has the incidence of running-related injuries. In order to determine what training factors are associated with running-related injuries, as well as what percentage of injured runners seeks professional medical attention, a random sample of entrants to a 10 kilometer race was asked to complete a(More)
A retrospective study of 23 acute and 6 chronic acromioclavicular dislocations treated by surgical transfer of the distal 1/2 inch of the coracoid process with the attached conjoined tendon of the coracobrachialis and short head of the biceps to the clavicle revealed 14 excellent, 14 good and one fair result. Results were determined according to symptoms,(More)
Two patients with a rare, massive type of discoid medial meniscus have been described. Both presented with a locked knee due to athletic trauma in the third and fifth decade of life, respectively. Clinically, discoid meniscus has only nonspecific signs. The arthrogram has proved to be a helpful preoperative diagnostic tool. Definitive diagnosis and(More)
One hundred consecutive patients who had trauma to the knee were examined by sonography and double-contrast arthrography to evaluate the presence or absence of popliteal cyst. In 58 cases both tests were negative, while in 15 both were positive. Each of those 15 patients had pain and/or a palpable mass behind the knee. In 27 remaining patients the(More)
A retrospective investigation of squash-related injuries incurred at a private and a public club in New York was undertaken to gain insight into the incidence and nature of such injuries. Telephone interviews were conducted with 200 randomly selected individuals to obtain their entire injury history. Sixty-nine of the 155 squash players contacted sustained(More)