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A variety of methods for sound source localization applied to robot auditory system have been developed. Most of them mainly depend on the time difference of arrival (TDOA) between microphones because of light computational load and easy application. Generally, possible region to localize the source, whatever localization methods are used, depends on the(More)
This paper proposes new fundamental limitations on the step response of the unit y-feedback system based on its transfer function. Using the de nition of Laplace transform, it is shown that time-domain integral equalities have to be satis ed by the step response of SISO(single-input, single-output) stable system, and shown that the maximum magnitude of its(More)
The KSLV-I GPSR that is the first GPS receiver utilized on a satellite launch vehicle developed by KARI should operate normally under harsh environments such as extremely high vibration and shock, wide operating temperature range as well as high-dynamic conditions. Several extensive terrestrial tests have been already done in order to verify performance of(More)
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