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A novel recursive wideband digital integrator is presented. The integrator is obtained by interpolating two popular digital integration techniques, the SKG (Schneider-Kaneshige-Groutage) rule and the trapezoidal rule. The proposed integrator accurately approximates the ideal integrator reasonably well over the entire Nyquist frequency range with absolute(More)
The concept of a hierarchy of performance models is introduced. It is argued that such a hierarchy should consist of models spanning a wide range of accuracy and cost in order to be a cost-effective tool in the design of computer systems. Judicious use of the hierarchy can satisfy the conflicting needs of high accuracy and low cost of performance(More)
Simulation is presented as a practical technique for performance evaluation of alternative configurations of highly concurrent computers. A technique is described for constructing a detailed deterministic simulation model of a system. In the model a control stream replaces the instruction and data streams of the real system. Simulation of the system model(More)
This paper proposes an approach for reusing design methods from past designs for solving new problems. This is an application of case-based reasoning to design. The proposed approach is implemented as a prototype system called CADREM. CADREM has been tried in the domain of conceptual structural design of buildings. First, a description of case-based(More)