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In this paper, the authors present the definition, etiology, clinical features, diagnosis and preparations for the surgical treatment of colovaginal fistulas. A ten year experience with 11 female patients with colovaginal fistulas divided according to the causes is reviewed. The fistulas commonly resulted from the surgical treatment, radiotherapy,(More)
A retrospective pathological analysis of 664 patients with malignant ovarian epithelial tumors of coelom epithelium origin was performed. In 93 cases (14%) proliferative tumors were found. Out of the remaining 571 cases a group of 311 cases with the five-year survival in the period 1965-1980 was singled out (39.9% invasive and 98% proliferative tumors). The(More)
Aztreonam is the first monobactam antibiotic to be used clinically. It is highly resistant to beta-lactamases, and although its activity spectrum is similar to that of the aminoglycoside antibiotics, it has no effect on gram-positive bacteria. The current study was undertaken to determine the efficacy of aztreonam in treating gram-negative infections caused(More)
First experience with the paracervical block as an anesthetic method for the conization and plastic surgery of the cerviä is presented. The analgesic effect was good, except for one patient where general anesthesia was necessary. The authors recommend the multilocular application of the anesthetic, because the parametrial tissue in non-pregnant women has(More)