B. Krishnaveni

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An efficient and robust video watermarking algorithm for video coding standard MPEG has been proposed in this paper. Digital video watermarking has attracted a great deal of research interest in the past few years in applications such as digital fingerprinting and owner identification. Grayscale 2-D watermark patterns such as detailed trademarks or logos(More)
In now a days, so many applications depend on the existence of the small devices that can exchange information and form communication networks. In a significant portion of such applications, the confidentiality and integrity of the communicated messages are very important. In this work we propose a method and system for authenticating messages is provided.(More)
In 2005, G.Ganesan derived a procedure of adapting rough computing in fuzzy domains through thresholds. Through this, in 2008, he introduced a naive procedure of three way indexing any information system with fuzzy decision attributes. in 2013, he introduced a naïve procedure of characterizing an information system with fuzzy decision attributes through(More)
In 2005, G.Ganesan et.al., introduced a group structure in rough fuzziness as well as intuitionistic rough fuzziness namely rough fuzzy group and intuitionistic rough fuzzy group. Later, in 2013 an approach of group structure in information system is made by G.Ganesan and Krishnaveni.B et.al using fuzzy decision attributes. In this paper we characterized(More)
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