B. Krishnamurthy

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Traffic, usage, and performance measurements are crucial to the design, operation and control of Inter-net Protocol (IP) networks. This paper describes a prototype infrastructure for the measurement, storage and correlation of network data of different types and origins from AT&T's commercial IP network. We focus first on some novel aspects of the(More)
Real Time Systems are at the heart of industrial automation applications and thus, a time response mechanism is required to be able to implement such systems. This paper presents a survey of Implementing Real Time Systems for industrial automation applications. Recently, PLCs have dominated industrial automation implementations but however, they do present(More)
The purpose of this proposed prototype is to make it useful in various distributed embedded applications. This system is implemented by using FreeRTOS, LPC1769, CAN (Controller Area Network), LwIP (Light Weight Internet Protocol) Protocol and Sensors. Now a day's real time communication is one of the key features in distributed embedded systems. Using(More)
—This paperdeals with design, implementation and testing of real time drivers for I2C and UART processor controllers on Beaglebone Black. Embedded Board runs with Linux 3.8.13 and real time co-kernel, Xenomai-2.6.3. Beaglebone Black has cortex A8 processor with 1GHz frequency. Xenomai Real time driver Model(RTDM) drivers are made for I2C and UART processor(More)
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