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Artificial heart valves can be classified into mechanical and biological. We have three types of mechanical heart valves: caged ball, tilting disc and bileaflet. Mechanical heart valves are made from various materials. They may be produced from metals, ceramics and polymers, e.g.: stainless steel, titanium, silicone, pyrolytic carbon. Biological valves are(More)
Venous diseases seem to be a large social problem. Chronic venous insufficiency, which is the most well-known venous disease, can be caused by high blood pressure in veins. The increase in pressure may cause the vein wall weakness and may even lead to damage venous valves. There are many different methods of treatment of chronic venous insufficiency:(More)
flow analysis within artificial heart valve, numerical flow analysis, CFD Research was conducted to analyze the flow of a fluid within mechanical heart valve-Medtronic Hall. Physical experiment and numerical modelling were performed. The aim of the research was to determine the difference between obtained experimental and numerical data. In the experiment a(More)
An overview is given of the lessons learned from the introduction of multi-threading using OpenMP in tmLQCD. In particular, programming style, performance measurements, cache misses, scaling, thread distribution for hybrid codes, race conditions, the overlapping of communication and computation and the measurement and reduction of certain overheads are(More)
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