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In 23 patients treated with the iodine-containing antiarrhythmic drug amiodarone, the plasma concentrations of amiodarone, desethylamiodarone and iodine have been studied. Besides amiodarone and desethylamiodarone, a pool of iodine-containing substances, NANDAI (non-amiodarone-, non-desethylamiodarone-iodine), was present. At steady state the iodine content(More)
A modern approach to vaccination faces the compound complexity of microorganism behavior and immune response triggering and regulation. Since computational modeling can yield useful guidelines for biological experimentation, we have used IMMSIM(3), a cellular automaton model for simulating humoral- and cell-mediated responses, to explore a wide range of(More)
Conventional anaesthetic breathing systems are not designed to control end-tidal gas concentrations, nor can they be used to measure accurately the uptake of oxygen or of anaesthetic agent. We built and tested a leak-tight closed-loop anaesthetic breathing system with low solubility to volatile anaesthetic agents and with efficient gas mixing. The system(More)
BACKGROUND The National Institutes of Health (NIH) consensus statement recommends adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer irrespective of age. However, the actual use of such therapy is not well documented among women over 65 years of age. METHODS We studied the frequency of use of adjuvant therapy and report the receipt of this therapy among 200 women(More)
Black breast cancer patients have shorter survival compared to whites. Lack of optimal treatment may be a potential explanation for this difference. Although racial disparities in surgical and radiation therapy have been studied extensively, there is little information on racial disparities in use of adjuvant systemic therapy. Medicaid enrolled patients(More)
The use of Microchannel Plate Analysers (Instant Imager, Canberra Packard), the so called Electronic Autoradiography, in Radiopharmacy is described. The system can be used for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals as well as for scientific research purposes. Quantitative analysis of 2-dimensional radioactive samples of all radionuclides used in Nuclear(More)