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A study of the vibrational behavior of five saturated monoacid triacylglycerides is performed by Raman spectroscopy at room temperature in the 3100-500 cm(-1) spectral range. The splitting of the CO stretching mode leads to conclude on the existence of two or three geometries of CO in the "knot" group OCO. The CO stretching mode seems to be a good tool for(More)
Helium gas and air are commonly used in the high pressure scanning electron microscope (HPSEM). The presence of a gaseous environment in the specimen chamber modifies the electron beam profile. In order to fully understand the beam-gas interaction, we have investigated the beam-diameter effect for two gases (helium and air) by Monte Carlo simulation. In(More)
The present paper discuss the structural and vibrational properties of polyoxyethylene glycol glycerides (Gelucire 50/13) during the hydration with increasing water from 0% to 80%. The Gelucire 50/13 used as sustained release matrix forming agent in pharmaceutical applications and it was essentially studied by Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (SWAXS),(More)
The effect of the specimen inclination on the electron distribution at the specimen surface in an HPSEM was investigated by Monte Carlo simulation. A broadening of the electron profile versus the tilt angle was obtained and a relationship between the r(0.9) radius and this tilt angle is proposed. The plot of the electron distribution at the sample surface(More)
The growth of InxGa1 xN Wurtzite structure is a well established fact. It permits to design optoelectronic devices such as laser diodes or LEDs, from the near ultraviolet to the infrared light spectrum. This sweeps indeed, the whole of the visible spectrum and, hence, appears to be very useful to the recent development of liquid crystal display screens, or(More)
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