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The effect of different dilutions with heparin solutions or saline on blood PCO2, pH and standard bicarbonate was investigated. Blood was first equilibrated to give about 40 or 60 mmHg PCO2. The solutions were in equilibrium with room air. The effect on blood PCO2 etc. could be fully explained by the dilution with a medium having a much lower PCO2. Thus,(More)
Total body haemoglobin was estimated by the alveolar equilibrium CO method and by dilution of 51Cr-tagged erythrocytes in 22 patients with a wide range of haemoglobin concentrations (51-190 g/l). The resulting regression equation: THBCO =47 + 0.81 X THbCr, where THn is expressed in grams, shows that with increasing THb successively lower values were(More)
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