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1. Single cultured pig aortic smooth muscle cells were studied using fura-2 and dual excitation wavelength microfluometry. 2. Extracellular ATP in micromolar concentrations induced a transient increase of [Ca2+]i due to Ca2+ release from internal stores. In the same concentration range application of ATP resulted in an increase of intracellular inositol(More)
BACKGROUND Ventricular hypertrophy begins as a physiological adaptation to cardiac overload but progresses to a pathological state. We examined whether the extent of hypertrophy influenced the response to exercise in terms of its effects on regional and global ventricular function and transmural myocardial blood flow distribution. METHODS AND RESULTS Left(More)
The effects of electrical field stimulation on [Ca2+]i in the A7r5 vascular smooth muscle cell line have been monitored with the Ca(2+)-sensitive dye fura-2. The experimental set-up allowed high-temporal resolution of the [Ca2+]i-measurements and fast application of test solutions. Electrical field stimulation of A7r5 cells in the confluent growth state(More)
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