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In the web usage mining process, the techniques of data mining are applied so as to discover the trends and the patterns in the browsing nature of the visitors of the website. There is extraction of the navigation patterns as the browsing patterns could be traced and the structure of the website can be designed accordingly. This information can be extracted(More)
Quorum sensing (QS) is a process of cell-cell communication mechanism occurs between the bacterial cells through the secretary signal molecules. This QS mechanism has been shown to control over the expression of various genes responsible for the production of virulence factors in several bacterial pathogens. Hence, the present study was intended to evaluate(More)
Wireless sensor networks and communication technologies have dramatically revolutionized our lives and have hitherto spurred a host of applications in fields like surveillance and target tracking. Collaborative sensor networks largely depend on statistical estimation theory to estimate the target trajectory. Recent research has reported the use of a variety(More)
Incrementality is a major challenge in the mining of dynamic databases. In such databases, the maintenance of association rules can be directly mapped into the problem of maintaining closed frequent itemsets. A number of incremental strategies have been proposed earlier with several limitations. A serious limitation is the need to examine the entire family(More)
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a powerful classification technique based on the idea of Structural Risk Minimization. The main idea behind the Support Vector Machine is to separate the classes with a surface that maximizes the margin between them. Key Property of SVM is Kernels. However, a proper Kernel Function for a certain problem is dependent on the(More)
This research concept deals with Parallelizes PSO-SA model which combines the particle swarm optimization (PSO) and Simulated Annealing (SA). Parallel PSO-SA operates by parallelizing the operation of each of the particles and Multistart PSO runs parallel several normal versions of PSO embedded with Simulated Annealing in parallel. The experimental results(More)
Classification is a learning function that maps a given data item into one of several predefined classes. It is a data analysis technique that extracts models describing important data classes and predicts future values. Basically, classification techniques have better capability to handle a wider variety of datasets than regression. It can also be(More)