B. K. Sujatha

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BACKGROUND The most common oral hygiene aid used to improve the oral health of an individual is toothbrush and it is often neglected to maintain in a proper aseptic condition, which could probably result in contamination by various micro-organisms. AIMS 1) To assess the microbial contamination of the hard deposit on the toothbrush head, between the(More)
In Recent years, the detection of visual attention regions (VAR) is becoming more noteworthy due to its valuable applications in the area of multimedia. In this paper, we provide the Saliency Map hypothesis and test results for identification of Visual Attention Regions in Machine Vision using Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. We also review how(More)
OFDM systems require proper understanding temporal characteristics of the propagation channel to adaptively fix the Cyclic Prefix(CP). This paper presents a geometrical based single bounce model for outdoor Suburban microcell environment in which the multipath reflection is accounted, including the rain fading effect by uniform distribution of scatterers,(More)
Biological systems have many key answers for our current limitations in scaling. Miniaturization and more speed were the driving forces for VLSI technology in past few decades. As we are reaching the dead end of Moore's law, now the paradigm has shifted towards intelligent machines. Many efforts are made to mimic the commonsense observed in animals.(More)
This paper presents an Adaptive Delta Modulation (ADM) with one-bit quantization in which the speech is first pre-processed. We define such a system as the `proposed ADM¿. For example large variations in the input signal require larger step sizes. If step size is not increased, it leads to slope overload error. The large variations in the input signal are(More)
Banks and ATMs often rely on alpha-numeric passwords and biometric systems for authentication and secure access. Yet, a large number of cases on the misuse of accounts by miscreants continue to be reported. In this paper, we propose a novel security system based on Brain-Computer Interfaces that have the potential of providing higher security when compared(More)
This paper is an introduction to the architecture of the natural language interfaces to databases (NLIDBS). First the concept of Intelligent Databases (IDBS) is presented. Some advantages and disadvantages of NLIDBS are then discussed followed by the discussion of the components of NLIDB. Comparison of NLIDBS to formal query languages, form-based(More)
Mining of m a x i m a l frequent patterns is a basic problem in data mining applications. Sm a l l a n d u s e f u l a s s o ci a t i on r u l es ca n b e g en er a t ed fr om m a x i m a l fr eq u en t i t em s et . The algorithms which are used to generate the maximal frequent patterns must perform efficiently. Most of the existing algorithms passed all(More)
With emerging technology of 4G wireless communication networks, it requires precise understanding of spatial and temporal characteristics of channel model. Hence this paper presents an elliptical geometry based channel modeling technique for double bounce scatter incorporating rain fading effect for suburban dense arborous area. The joint TOA (time of(More)