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A new test-set selection technique based on the frequency-domain testing of analog circuits is presented in this paper. We propose a new automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) method known as MultiDetect for testing linear time invariant (LTI) circuits. The proposed technique is best suited for use of existing building blocks in systems-on-chip for(More)
In analog testing, usage of a single sinusoid as a test signal when compared to multitone signal, and fault detection with digital counting technique, facilitate the test implementation with simple built-in self-test hardware and make testing more cost effective. In this paper, a novel test-set-selection technique known as ExpoTan for testing(More)
Very Large Scale of Integration (VLSI) semiconductor technologies to thank. Performance, area, power and testing are some of the most important improvements. With the reduction in device sizes, it is becoming possible to fit increasingly larger number of transistors onto a single chip. However, as chip density increases, the probability of defects occurring(More)
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