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It is critically important that pilots of small aircraft fully understand weather conditions in order to plan a safe flight. Many such pilots fly by visual reference to the ground and cannot enter clouds. Online weather data is available to assist pilots with planning flights in order to avoid poor conditions. However, this data is provided in an extremely(More)
A practical procedure is described for implementing Spencer’s method of slices with varying side force inclination. The search for the noncircular critical slip surface is accomplished using spreadsheet-automated constrained optimization. The deterministic formulation is then extended probabilistically to compute the Hasofer-Lind reliability index via(More)
The reactions of 2-chloropyrimidine with methylamine, ethylamine and piperidine gave the corresponding 2-N-methylamino-, 2-N-ethylamino- and 2N- piperidinopyrimidines, respectively. The fluorescence properties of these alkylamino derivatives in chloroform, ethyl acetate, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ether, ethanol and methanol were studied. All the(More)
The paper deals with the stability of reinforced embankments on soft clay foundations, and presents alternative practical and versatile procedures for easy implementation of the traditionally tedious and iterative limit equilibrium methods of slices, including Bishop’s simplified method and Spencer’s method of slices. The proposed implementation procedures(More)
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