B. K. Gunturk

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The author begins by discussing the image formation process. The demosaicking methods are examined in three groups: the first group consists of heuristic approaches. The second group formulates demosaicking as a restoration problem. The third group is a generalization that uses the spectral filtering model given in Wandell.
Digital cameras have become popular and many people are choosing to take their pictures with digital cameras instead of film cameras. When a digital image is recorded, the camera needs to perform a significant amount of processing to provide the user a viewable image. This processing includes white balance adjustment, gamma correction, compression and more(More)
Multiframe resolution enhancement ("superresolution") methods are becoming widely studied, but only a few procedures have been developed to work with compressed video, despite the fact that compression is a standard component of most image- and video-processing applications. One of these methods uses quantization-bound information to define convex sets and(More)
The images which consist of RGB color images is known as vector valued images. This images is the multimodal images which shows strong inter-channel correlation among each other. We treat this images by the new notion by introducing the spatial gradient channels. We can obtained the vector valued through minimizing the cost functional that penalizes the(More)
Face recognition has been one of the most active fields of research for the last couple of decades and vision enthusiasts have proposed many ways to identify and recognize correctly a person from the image of his face. Here we propose an algorithm which not only detects the person's face but also identifies the expression or gesture on his face. The(More)
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