B K Brunner

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This article has examined the impact that telecommunications technologies may have on the way in which health care services are delivered. A number of scenarios of how that might occur were discussed. Some of these scenarios are already being realized. Telemedicine, for instance, is being used in certain geographic regions of the United States. Various(More)
Medical record professionals are confronted with change at practically every front. Technologic advancements are changing the technical aspects of our job responsibilities. These advancements also have implications for the interpersonal aspects of our jobs. The effect of new technology on working relationships is exacerbated by the introduction of TQM,(More)
The use of work teams is a popular topic in business literature. Although there is a growing literature on this topic, the team concept is not new to organizations. The article examines historical developments in the use of teams for performance of work. The use of work teams is discussed in the context of the movement away from hierarchical, bureaucratic(More)
The study's findings provide insights into the relationship between medical record practitioners and the disciplines whose members were surveyed. This relationship is an important one. Much has been written about the team concept in the provision of care. Teamwork and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship is just as important to the administrative(More)
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