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FPGA is increasingly popular as it has reliable prototyping, low cost and high speed. Input/output interfacing is inevitable for any system. So, the necessary signals for VGA and PS/2 interface are generated using HDL. The design is synthesized and implemented in Xilinx Virtex-II Pro. The mapped signals in FPGA Board are optimized to minimize resource(More)
Sweep coverage is one of the important and recent issue for network monitoring in wireless sensor network (WSN). Sweep coverage is efficiently applicable where periodic monitoring is sufficient than continuous monitoring. Interference minimization is another main objective of topology control problem in wireless sensor network. Reducing interference in turn(More)
Given a set of sensors, the strong minimum energy topology (SMET) problem is to assign transmission range to each sensor node so that the sum of the transmission range for all the sensor is minimum subject to the constraint that the network is strongly connected (there is a directed path between every pair of nodes in the Network). This problem is known to(More)
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