B. K. Bala

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This paper presents a system dynamics computer model to predict solid waste generation, collection capacity and electricity generation from solid waste and to assess the needs for waste management of the urban city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Simulated results show that solid waste generation, collection capacity and electricity generation potential from solid(More)
-Temperature plays a very important role for fish production in the lake, pond, river, ocean and other water-bodies where the fish lives. The assessment of the impact of the water temperature changes on fish catches in world fishery is essential for sustainable management of the world fishery resources. A new method for forecasting of fish catch of the(More)
Rice accounts for nearly 70 % of calories consumed in Bangladesh. Therefore, any effort to improve food security in the country must find ways to increase availability of rice. This paper investigates two of these ways: increasing technical efficiency of rice production and reducing post-harvest losses. Technical efficiency was measured from Cobb-Douglas(More)
With the rapid growth in specialized biomedical sensors, wireless communication and low power integrated circuits; the wireless sensor network has achieved a new milestone. IEEE 802.15.4 standard uses carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA-CA) medium access mechanism and supports star as well as peer-to-peer topologies. By using(More)
Bulk maize cobs were stored in cribs in Barisal, Bangladesh in 1998 with an initial moisture content of 38% (db) and in 1999 with an initial moisture content of 40% (db) and dried to 16.10% and 18.32% respectively by natural air. The observed air temperature and grain temperature was found to be almost same. A mathematical model was developed to simulate(More)
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