B. K. Bailey

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(Z,Z,Z)-3,6,9-Eicosatriene and (Z,Z,Z)-3,6,9-heneicosatriene have been identified as components of the sex pheromone of the noctuid,Caenurgina erechtea (Cramer), the forage looper. Structural assignments were made on the basis of spectroscopic and chromatographic data and were confirmed by comparison with synthetic material. Flight tunnel behavioral studies(More)
All four geometrical isomers of 5,7-dodecadien-1-ol have been stereoselectively synthesized by using Wittig condensation reactions. (5 Z,7E)-5,7-Dodecadien-1-ol and its corresponding aldehyde are components of the sex pheromone of the forest tent caterpillar. (5 E,7 Z)-5,7-Dodecadienal is a component of the pheromone of the western tent caterpillar. These(More)
Trace components contributed significantly to the potency of synthetic sex attractant lures for males of many species of Noctuidae. Improved synthetic blends for 12 moths includingEuxoa ochrogaster andTrichoplusia ni, and new lure blends for 10 moths are described. In every case the trace constituents were structural analogs of the main lure components.
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