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Twelve drop out cases in psychodynamic short term therapies according to the focus of cyclic maladaptive pattern by Strupp and Binder (CMP 1984) are reviewed regarding initial diagnostics, tape-recorded therapy sessions, and supervision records. Predictors of premature termination of therapy such as initially rated patients' therapy motivation, narcissistic(More)
Time-limited psychodynamic therapies in the outpatient setting are offered for a broad spectrum of psychogenic disorders. Meta-analyses prove their effectiveness mainly for neurotic disorders. We are interested in the suitability of the here applied CMP/SASB model (Tress et al. 1996) of psychodynamic short-term therapy for patients with psychosomatic and(More)
Interpersonal approaches based on the classic concepts of psychoanalysis draw their significance not only from guiding therapists but also provide instruments for empirical psychotherapy research, particularly focussing on the therapeutic process itself. The Dusseldorf Short Term Psychotherapy Project uses several strategies of the SASB-CMP method to(More)
Until now psychoanalytic training and literature have hardly considered the transference love of homosexual patients. We summarized the scarce literature and related it to the background of our knowledge of heterosexual transference love. The discussion leaves no doubt that, like the heterosexual, homosexual transference love must be read on all levels of(More)
The technique of psychoanalytic treatment as an objective, operative-technological theory inevitably experiences a subjective refraction on analyst's personality and his or her own cognitive and interactional styles influencing therapeutic efficiency. Systematic clinical trials of treatment data integrating motions from psychoanalytic, social and cognitive(More)
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