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When solving the crystal structure of complex molecules from powder data, accurately locating the global minimum can be challenging, particularly where the number of internal degrees of freedom is large. The program Mogul provides a convenient means to access typical torsion angle ranges for fragments related to the molecule of interest. The impact that the(More)
INTRODUCTION Military aircrew are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypoxia in a safe environment using a variety of methods to simulate altitude. In order to investigate the effectiveness of hypoxia training, this study compared the recall of hypoxia symptoms in military aircrew between two consecutive hypobaric chamber hypoxia training(More)
This paper provides a high level overview of the new SB-SAT technology which is being developed. The terminal and service capabilities deliver a “disruptive” technology which is a paradigm shift in the way data is relayed to and from LEO spacecraft. It will allow the deployment of smaller and cheaper LEO missions that require frequent(More)
The Upper Kickapoo River Archaeological District contains over 500 archaeological sites. Spatial statistics and site selection factors were explored for 405 open archaeological sites. Nearest Neighbor Index and Ripley’s K-Function analyses show that the sites have a clustering pattern. Hot spot analyses reveal concentrations near a few stream confluences.(More)
The benefits of voice processing technologies applied "one piece at a time" in the proper fashion can provide four "cures" to communications problems: The image of the healthcare facility in the eyes of the public will improve because calls are handled more quickly, efficiently, and professionally than before. Providing faster patient care information and(More)
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