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In CELP, the use of codebooks with entries with only a few non-zero samples provides high speech quality and facilitates fast computation. With decreasing bit-rate, the intervals between the pulses increase, and the quality of the reconstructed signal begins to suuer from a particular type of artifact, which is strongest for noise-like segments. In this(More)
Using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and electrospray mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), proinsulin C-peptide was found to influence insulin-insulin interactions. In SPR with chip-bound insulin, C-peptide mixed with analyte insulin increased the binding, while alone C-peptide did not. A control peptide with the same residues in random sequence had little effect.(More)
In this paper the question: 'Why software vendors focus on roles when they aim at developing the future enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems?' is discussed. At the moment there is increasing interest in developing ERP systems that support a person's different working roles in the organisation, which could be described as role-based ERPs. It could be(More)
This paper describes the 6.4 kbit/s CS-ACELP coder being standardized as annex D to ITU-T G.729. The coder is based on the same building blocks as the 8 kbit/s G.729 to facilitate low complexity extensions to G.729 in terms of additional memory usage. It is fully switchable with the 8 kbit/s coder and provides additional flexibility to existing and emerging(More)
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