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General and specific cognitive abilities were studied in intact Swedish same-sex twin pairs 80 or more years old for whom neither twin had major cognitive, sensory, or motor impairment. Resemblance for 110 identical twin pairs significantly exceeded resemblance for 130 fraternal same-sex twin pairs for all abilities. Maximum-likelihood model-fitting(More)
Caffeine is believed to act by blocking adenosine A(1) and A(2A) receptors (A(1)R, A(2A)R), indicating that some A(1) receptors are tonically activated. We generated mice with a targeted disruption of the second coding exon of the A(1)R (A(1)R(-/-)). These animals bred and gained weight normally and had a normal heart rate, blood pressure, and body(More)
Since high-affinity adenosine A2 receptors (A2a) are localized exclusively in dopamine-rich regions in the central nervous system and mediate inhibition of locomotor activity, we have examined the effect of A2a receptor activation on D1 and D2 receptor binding in membrane preparations of the rat striatum. The A2a agonist(More)
The cellular targets of primary mutations and malignant transformation remain elusive in most cancers. Here, we show that clinically and genetically different subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) originate and transform at distinct stages of hematopoietic development. Primary ETV6-RUNX1 (also known as TEL-AML1) fusions and subsequent leukemic(More)
Recurrent renal calculous disease is often troublesome to treat because of technical difficulties associated with reoperation. Attempts to dissolve the stones by irrigation with various solutions has not had much success. A new extraction technique has therefore been devised whereby the stones can be removed through a percutaneous nephrostomy umder(More)
As a part of an ongoing longitudinal investigation, this study examined relationships between survival and selected immune system parameters in a sample (n = 102) of very old individuals (86-92 years at the time of initial immune system data collection). Analyses were performed comparing initial time-point measurements from those individuals who were alive(More)
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is genetically characterized by the presence of the reciprocal translocation t(9;22)(q34;q11), resulting in a BCR/ABL gene fusion on the derivative chromosome 22 called the Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome. In 2-10% of the cases, this chimeric gene is generated by variant rearrangements, involving 9q34, 22q11, and one or several(More)
Male rats were treated i.p. with either 5 mg/kg amphetamine, 3 and 30 mg/kg cocaine or 100 mg/kg caffeine and killed after 30 min. Brains were sectioned and processed for radioactive in situ hybridization histochemistry for the labelling of either c-fos, enkephalin, substance P, neurokinin B, choline acetyltransferase, somatostatin or adenosine A2A receptor(More)
Results from a previous longitudinal study indicated that a combination of high CD8 and low CD4 percentages and poor T cell proliferation in peripheral blood lymphocytes was associated with higher mortality in a subgroup of a sample of very old Swedish individuals. The present study examined whether those results could be confirmed at a subsequent 2-year(More)