B. Jiang

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Global asymptotic stability problem is studied for a class of recurrent neural networks with distributed delays satisfying Lebesgue-Stieljies measures on the basis of linear matrix inequality. The concerned network model includes many neural network models with various delays and structures as its special cases, such as the delays covering the discrete(More)
—In this paper, we propose a cognitive approach to design phase-only modulated waveforms sharing a desired range-Doppler response. The idea is to minimize the average value of the ambiguity function of the transmitted signal over some range-Doppler bins, which are identified exploiting a plurality of knowledge sources. From a technical point of view, this(More)
A hybrid feature selection method called SU-GA-W is proposed to make full use of advantages of filter and wrapper methods. This method falls into two phases. The filter phase removes features with lower SU and guides the initialization of GA population; the wrapper phase searches the final feature subset. The effectiveness of this algorithm is demonstrated(More)
The character of branching for two chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum × morifolium) cvs. Jinghai and Jingyun was observed, and the changes of endogenous hormones in apical and lateral buds were investigated to determine the relationship between the pattern of hormone distribution, apical dominance, and lateral bud outgrowth. The growth rate of Jinghai lateral(More)
The performance of port-starboard discrimination (PSD) for a target detected by a towed twin-line sonar array is presented. The PSD performance is evaluated by a measure referred to as the port-starboard rejection ratio (PSRR), which is defined as the ratio of the output power in the desired signal direction to that in the mirror direction. Analytical(More)
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