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Mean segmental transit time of radiopaque markers through the right colon, left colon and rectosigmoid areas of adults and children has been calculated form their distribution on consecutive plain films of the abdomen. Overall mean transit does not differ significantly in the large bowel between adults and children. However, there are regional differences(More)
Spontaneous descent of testes after birth can occur in up to 70% of cases, yet the factors contributing to it are still controversial. This study aims to evaluate factors contributing to spontaneous descent of palpable undescended testes. Eighty-four newborns with 126 palpable undescended testes (42 unilateral and 42 bilateral) were followed up for a period(More)
Obstructive lesions of the anterior urethra (valves, saccular diverticula) are rare, and can be difficult to diagnose. Three recent cases have led us to review the existing french and english literature and we have found case histories for 81 cases, encountered over a twenty year period. The anatomic interpretation of the lesions is far from being univocal;(More)
BACKGROUND Townes-Brocks syndrome (TBS) is a rare autosomal dominant entity mainly characterized by ano-rectal, ear and extremities abnormalities with variable clinical expression. CASE REPORTS The first case had ear and extremities, but not anorectal, abnormalities; a Pierre-Robin sequence with esophageal atresia was also observed. The second case had(More)
The authors report the case of a giant cell tumour of the flexor pollicis longus tendon sheath in a child. This benign tumour, usually observed in women between the ages of 30 to 50 years, has a highly controversial aetiopathogenesis; the existence of initial trauma is found in 50% of cases. The present case concerns a 7-year-old girl with swelling of the(More)
Since May 1982, when the pediatric surgery group of Rouen has published their study in the 39th congress of "Societe Française de Chirurgie Infantile", regular surgical attitude in treatment of intussusception was abandoned by our team. Seventy cases were admitted in our section in the period (06-82/06-86), age ranged from one month to nine years. All(More)
Two cases of neonatal gastric perforation are described in twin sisters whose symptoms and outcome were different: the first twin showed clinical and radiological features before the 24 th hour of life and recovered after surgery. In the second, the gastric perforation was associated with Gram-negative collapse on the 5 th day of life and was fatal.
A 2 years old female presents abdominal pain and rectal bleeding roentgenological and endoscopic investigations lead to the diagnosis of intussusception of the appendix. Surgically resected, the clinical course was uneventful and the patient promptly discharged. Primary intussusception of the appendix is a rare event (less than 200 cases recorded since(More)