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Astroglial-like cells from the glycogen body and astroglia from the cerebral hemispheres of chick embryos cultured 6 days in vitro exhibit comparable values of L-glutamate and L-aspartate uptake. The uptake is significantly reduced by inhibitors of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase.
The development of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) activity in neurones and glial cells was studied in primary cell cultures derived from the cerebral hemispheres of chick embryos. GGT activity was found in both basic types of nervous tissue cells. It was always higher in glial cell cultures, where it was up to 2.3-fold the values in neurone-enriched(More)
Embryonic mouse brain cells were rotated for 120 min and cellular adhesivity was tested under normal conditions and in the presence of substances which change the membrane properties. A marked decrease of cellular adhesivity (but not complete inhibition) was recorded in the presence of anionic detergents, while fixation of cells caused only non-significant(More)
Inhibitors of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (mixture of serine and borate--13 mM, kainic acid--5 mM and 6-diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine--2 mM) significantly suppressed glutamate uptake into cultured neurones and glial cells. The simultaneous application of any of these inhibitors with ouabain resulted in a further decline in glutamate uptake. It can be(More)
Brain cells from 16 to 18-day-old mice embryos were dissociated by mild trypsinization and rotated for 120 min. The area and density of of the adhesive complexes formed were registered using the method described previously. The adhesiveness of dissociated embryonic brain cells (measured during the 120 min of rotation) was diminished in the presence of(More)
With the help of a previously described experimental arrangement the influence of increased external concentration of Ca2+, La3+, PVP and urea was tested on the initial stages of brain cell adhesivity and its kinetics. Urea, an inhibitor of hydrogen bonds, significantly inhibited the adhesivity of the treated cells. PVP significantly increased cell(More)
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