B. Janakiram

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L. amylophilus GV6 was studied for production of L(+) lactic acid in single step fermentation using starchy substrates. Seven types of inexpensive organic nitrogen supplements (flour of pigeon pea, red lentil gram, black gram, bengal gram, green gram, soya bean and baker’s yeast) were evaluated for their potential to replace more expensive commercial(More)
A set D of vertices in a graph G = (V, E) is a dominating set of G if every vertex in V −D is adjacent to some vertex in D. The domination number γ(G) of G is the minimum cardinality of a dominating set. We define the cobondage number bc(G) of G to be the minimum cardinality among the sets of edges X ⊆ P2(V ) −E, where P2(V ) = {X ⊆ V : |X| = 2} such that(More)
Scorpion (Buthus tamulus) venom was subjected to neutralization by treating the venom with various chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, thiourea, formaldehyde, zinc sulphate, acetic acid and trichloroacetic acid. The venom was also subjected to heat treatment. The levels of total protein, free amino acids and protease activity in(More)
Cellular Automata (CA) is a novel approach for designing byte error-correcting codes. The regular, modular and cascaded structure of CA can be economically built with VLSI technology. In this correspondence, a modular architecture of CA based (32, 28) byte error correcting encoder and decoder has been proposed. The design is capable of locating and(More)
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