B. Jagadeesh

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Sweet sorghum bagasse represents a potential low-cost biomass which can be valorized to produce different value-added lignocellulosic platform chemicals of economic importance. The focus of the present study is the pretreatment of sweet sorghum bagasse for efficient delignification, separation of pure cellulose and its structural characterization. Sweet(More)
This paper presents a robust and blind watermarking scheme for copyright protection of images in discrete wavelet transform domain based on the support vector machines (SVMs). This scheme is based on the relation between the coefficients in various sub bands in discrete wavelet transform decomposition. The proposed scheme is very secured and robust to(More)
The proposed system presents power-control strategies of a grid-connected hybrid generation system with versatile power transfer. This hybrid system allows maximum utilization of freely available renewable energy sources like wind and photovoltaic energies. For this, an adaptive MPPT algorithm along with standard perturbs and observes method will be used(More)
This paper proposes a novel image watermarking method in discrete wavelet transform domain using support vector machines. Reference and watermark images are used to modify the coefficients of the particular even and odd blocks of the wavelet transformed image. Good learning ability of SVMs are used to extract the watermark from the watermarked image even(More)
A turn fault in the stator winding of a generator causes a large circulating current to flow in the shorted turns. If left undetected, turn faults can propagate, leading to phase-ground or phase-phase faults. Incipient detection of turn's faults is essential to avoid hazardous operating conditions and reduce down time. At present the synchronous generators(More)
For synchronous 3-phase electrical generator machine design, the ability to predict the synchronous reactance of a particular machine design is of prime importance. The synchronous reactance has a significant impact on the magnitude of the fault currents generated within the machine during an event such as a 3 phase short-circuit. Power system designers(More)
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