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In mice administered chronic stress--repeated overnight restraint stress for 7 days--there was a prolonged enhancement of dopamine (DA) uptake into synaptosomes. The mRNA for the DA transporter (DAT) was found to be concomitantly increased in the midbrain, as was the binding of the transporter ligand mazindol to DAT in the nucleus accumbens and(More)
Incubation with either of the protein kinase C activators phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) and sn-1,2 dioctanoylglycerol (DiC8) decreased the uptake of dopamine into striatal synaptosomes, whereas the inactive phorbol ester 4 alpha-PMA had no effect. Washout of PMA and DiC8 failed to reverse the decrease in uptake. Kinetic analysis showed a decrease in(More)
OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS To assess the audiologic and surgical outcomes for pediatric cochlear implant patients with inner ear malformations. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective review of 315 pediatric cochlear implant cases from 1994 to 2002. METHODS Twenty-eight pediatric cochlear implant patients with known inner ear malformations determined on high-resolution(More)
Accelerating Turing machines are Turing machines of a sort able to perform tasks that are commonly regarded as impossible for Turing machines. For example, they can determine whether or not the decimal representation of π contains n consecutive 7s, for any n; solve the Turing-machine halting problem; and decide the predicate calculus. Are accelerating(More)
The appropriate management of labyrinthine fistulae has been debated in the literature for years. After several recent cases of labyrinthine fistulae at our institution, a review of the published data regarding hearing outcome with fistula management was undertaken. Results of this critical review were presented at departmental grand rounds. The grand(More)
A survey of the ÿeld of hypercomputation, including discussion of four a priori objections to the possibility of hypercomputation. An exegesis of Turing's pre-and postwar writings on the mind is given, and Turing's views on the scope of machines are discussed. 1. What is hypercomputation? Hypercomputation is the computation of functions or numbers that(More)
The cervical lymph nodes are a common site of metastasis for cancers originating in the upper aerodigestive tract. Rarely, cancers originating from sites other than the head and neck can metastasize to the cervical lymph node chain. We report on 2 recent patients with metastatic prostate cancer to the cervical lymph nodes.
Cochlear implants have dramatically changed the treatment and prognosis for patients with profound sensorineural hearing loss. Deaf adults and children can be successfully (re)integrated into the hearing world through a multidisciplinary approach involving otolaryngologists, audiologists, and speech/language pathologists. As the technology of the cochlear(More)