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A total of 11 children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and nine control children performed a continuous performance test (CPT) of the A-X type with concurrent neuroelectric brain mapping to assess preparatory processing, purportedly mediated by the frontal lobes. This cued CPT task proved to be a highly specific task. The groups could be clearly(More)
Developmental changes in background EEG power spectra were examined in 5-12-year-old children. The results confirmed older and more recent studies that reported continuous maturation and more sudden growth spurts in power spectral amplitude. EEG power in the Delta and Theta frequency bands decreased gradually with age, while power in the Alpha and Beta(More)
In children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) some deficits in auditory information processing seem to exist. Further, comorbidity of ADHD with conduct disorder (CD) and tic disorder (Tic) is quite common but not yet fully understood. Thus, we investigated the effects of these two disturbances, when combined with ADHD, on(More)
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