B. J. Wilson

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Corneal epithelial homeostasis and regeneration are sustained by limbal stem cells (LSCs), and LSC deficiency is a major cause of blindness worldwide. Transplantation is often the only therapeutic option available to patients with LSC deficiency. However, while transplant success depends foremost on LSC frequency within grafts, a gene allowing for(More)
Perilla ketone, from the essential oil of Perilla frutescens, is a potent pulmonary edemagenic agent for laboratory animals and livestock. This finding would account for reported effects of the plant on grazing cattle. The use of perilla in oriental foods and medicinal preparations suggests possible hazards to human health as well.
We present a pilot study aimed at determining the effects of expression of ATP-binding cassette member B5 (ABCB5), a previously described marker for melanoma-initiating cells, on cellular metabolism. Metabolic profiles for two groups of human G3361 melanoma cells were compared, i.e. wildtype melanoma cells with intact ABCB5 expression (ABCB5-WT) and(More)
Anticholinergic activity of a number of tricyclic antidepressives and nomifensine was demonstrated and their order of affinity for the cholinergic receptors of rat jejunum was determined. The influence of ethinyl estradiol and a conjugated estrogen product, Premarin on the binding of several tricyclic antidepressives to the hepatic mixed function oxidase(More)
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