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1. To evaluate the effect of age, sex and level of intake on the colonic response to wheat fibre, thirty healthy volunteers aged 17-62 years (nineteen men, eleven women) recruited from a local industry, were divided into four groups and given a controlled diet for two 3-week periods. The diet contained white bread during one period or one of four different(More)
1. Two experiments with male weanling rats were conducted in which they received individually and restrictedly either a basal semi-purified diet containing starch as the principal carbohydrate or the same diet to which mixed aflatoxins were added in quantities providing from 0.13 to 0.4 mg aflatoxin B1/kg diet. Various natural ingredients, or semi-purified(More)
1. Male weanling rats were given for extended periods diets containing gum arabic or wheat offal or various offal fractions. The fractions included two lipid fractions, a water-soluble extract and a modified-acid-detergent (MAD)-fibre extract. The diets contained either low concentrations of aflatoxin B1 (induced rats) or were free from this source of(More)
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