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Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) can be installed in oil wells to create artificial lift, in order to increase recovery from the reservoir, and boost the production rate. A Model Predictive Controller (MPC) for an ESP, based on linearized models, is developed and designed using SEPTIC (Statoil's in-house software tool for MPC), and implemented on a(More)
— Different high-speed quadratic programming (QP) solvers are incorporated into an ANSI C code generation framework for embedded Model Predictive Control (MPC). The controllers developed are based on step response (linear) models and design configurations obtained from SEPTIC, Statoil's software tool for MPC applications. In order to achieve high online(More)
The performance of two different Quadratic Programming (QP) solvers for embedded Model Predictive Control (MPC), FiOrdOs and qpOASES, is evaluated for a relevant case study from the petroleum industry. Embedded MPC for the considered system is implemented on a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) using both solvers. The focus is on the computation time and(More)
A Moving Horizon Estimator (MHE) is designed for a petroleum production well with an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) installed for artificial lift. The focus is on estimating the flow rate from the well, the viscosity of the produced fluid, and the productivity index of the well. The software package ACADO is used to implement a Moving Horizon Estimator(More)
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