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Global change will alter the supply of ecosystem services that are vital for human well-being. To investigate ecosystem service supply during the 21st century, we used a range of ecosystem models and scenarios of climate and land-use change to conduct a Europe-wide assessment. Large changes in climate and land use typically resulted in large changes in(More)
BACKGROUND The role of emotion in psychosis is being increasingly recognised. Cognitive conceptualisations of psychosis (e.g. [Garety, P.A., Kuipers, E.K., Fowler, D., Freeman, D., Bebbington, P.E., 2001. A cognitive model of the positive symptoms of psychosis. Psychological Medicine, 31, 189-195]) emphasise a central, normal, direct and non-defensive role(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional instruments that measure self-esteem may not relate directly to the schema construct as outlined in recent cognitive models. The Brief Core Schema Scales (BCSS) aim to provide a theoretically coherent self-report assessment of schemata concerning self and others in psychosis. The scales assess four dimensions of self and other(More)
Recent research indicates that there may be phenomenological, symptom, and diagnostic associations between trauma and hallucinations. However, the nature of the relationship is poorly understood from a psychological perspective. We report a theoretically informed phenomenological study. From descriptions of reported traumas and hallucinations, we assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Parents can influence their children's physical activity participation and screen time.This study examined the relative significance of perceived parental barriers and self-efficacy in relation to children's physical activity participation and screen time viewing. The associations between these factors and the behaviours were analysed. METHODS(More)
and Yongzheng Yang for useful discussions on the topic of this paper. The bulk of this work was completed when Ivan Roberts was affiliated with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the Australian National University. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors alone and in no way represent those of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Abstract(More)
Views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ORDC. 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A large scale research project such as this could not have been conducted with the help of many individuals and agencies. First and foremost, thanks are due to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and the Office of Criminal Justice(More)
BACKGROUND With the dramatically increasing contribution of Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia to the global burden of disease, countries are being urged to address this as a public health priority. This study investigated whether Australian adults recognise this as an important health issue, and hold beliefs and knowledge that are consistent(More)
The role of negative cognition and effect in maintaining psychotic symptoms is increasingly recognized but has yet to be substantiated though longitudinal analysis. Based on an a priori theoretical model, we hypothesized that negative cognition and depressed mood play a direct causal role in maintaining paranoia in people with psychosis and that the effect(More)
Chemical communication mediates social interactions in insects. For the fruit fly, D. melanogaster, the chemical display is a key fitness trait because it leads to mating. An exchange of cues that resembles a dialogue between males and females is enacted by pheromones, chemical signals that pass between individual flies to alter physiology and behavior.(More)